DAEMON Tools Pro Agent allows using the essential features of DAEMON Tools Pro from tiny taskbar agent.

To enable it, go to the General tab of Preferences and check Use tray agent option. Also, you can check Autostart sub-option in order to launch tray agent after system startup.

screen 2

DAEMON Tools Agent icon will appear in system notification area:

step 3

Left-click menu

screen 1

Left-click gives you access to the already created virtual drivers and allows adding some more. Each virtual drive has additional menu that helps open the mounted image, mount a new one, unmount it, view the parameters of the drive or remove the drive from the system.

Right-click menu

screen 2

Right-click gives you access to the following submenus and options:

  • DAEMON Tools Pro opens the main window of the program
  • Virtual Devices submenu is similar to the left-click menu of the tray agent described previously
  • Images submenu presents a list of files from Images collection. You can click any one to mount
  • Tools submenu gives access to the essential features of the program shown on the screenshot above
  • Options submenu includes links to the resources you may need while using the program including Online Help and Forum
  • Exit will close the tray agent.