With Windows 10 version 1903, Microsoft has implemented several crucial kernel changes that have significant influence on many apps and driver-based software. After deep investigation of the upcoming features, we came to the conclusion that it is impossible to make STPD driver compatible with the new operating system version and so will stop its support starting from 1903.

SPTD is an optional part of DAEMON Tools that enables the emulation of SCSI and IDE virtual drives and allows attaching virtual drives to the physical ones. Unfortunately, these things won’t be available for Windows 10 version 1903 users in DAEMON Tools apps. Those who work with older Windows versions we’ll be able to install and use SPTD driver as usual.

Besides SCSI and IDE drives, DAEMON Tools emulates DT drives. This type of virtual devices is chosen by default, and if you do not adjust the advanced mounting options usually, you probably have never used anything besides DT drive at all. DT helps for mounting all virtual disc images and archives we support, it is much faster than any other device type and will replace SCSI and IDE fully. You are welcome to use it in DAEMON Tools.

Windows 10 version 1903 started rolling out in May, 2019. Also, it is available through Insider Preview Program from early March, 2019. Some older versions with cumulative updates installed are also affected.

In case you still want to use SCSI and IDE drives, there is a way to make them work on the new OS. Download and launch this file that changes two registry entries and reboot your PC. Once you start DAEMON Tools Pro, you will see SCSI and IDE related features. Please note that this process disables default Windows protection introduced in the May update that keeps the system safe from vulnerabilities.